Beyonce’s Sexy Snake Shoes

September 6, 2007

snake heelsI LOVE these shoes.  I need to know who the designer is for them.

beyonce shoes


patchlvIs this bag really that ugly…really.  At $45,000 (although I’ve heard $42, 000 as the price as well…still very pricey), and with all of the bags made being sold out (all 24 of them…lol)…maybe, maybe not.  I can’t say I would spend the money on this bag when I could buy a hybrid car for the money.  I’d rather have the car.  It would be more fashionable.  LOL!  Beyonce seems to like it though.


flashdriveOh these Active Crystals from Swarovski are so James Bond, so Coco Chanel…just such an lovey fusion of fashion and technology.  I’m just in love.

A must have for the fashionable, early adapters to technology…those who are rocking the iPhone before everyone else and the Hermes muff handbag too.