Research and Development 101

August 10, 2007

I believe that there are beautiful women, average women, and ugly women.  Who gets to judge?…men.  Who has to deal with it?…whether they like it or not, women.  This is the way of the world.  Personal preference rules.  That’s why advertisers work so hard.  They are working to change your mind.  The way you think, what you think, what you prefer, and what you will invest your hard earned money in.  Who will invest in you?  Who is willing to buy into what you are selling?

Ladies, if you don’t have a man, you are not working hard enough with your advertising.  Your product may have gotten too old.  The packaging may be ugly.  People may be taking your product for granted and assume that any brand name will do.  You don’t have time to sit on the shelf.  There is way too much competition, male and female, for a good man.

Are you bleach, are you peanut butter, are you a trash bag?

NO.  You are a woman.  You have assets, selling points.  You need to maximize, flaunt, and let the world know about what you are selling.  But, no…you let the world see how dirty the back storeroom is.  You let them see you cooking in a nasty fast food kitchen.  You have a hand made sign over your storefront.  You are not “doing it” girlfriend.

The time has come for women to wake up and stop crying about having or not having a man.  You don’t have a man because no one wants to buy what you are selling.  It’s time for RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT 101, Ladies.

Let’s get it! 


2 Responses to “Research and Development 101”

  1. Lola Lyndon Says:

    I have observed that people who appear to be working hard at “selling” themselves, as you suggest, are often susceptible to the same kinds of over-exaggerated hype, false claims, and dubious merit as advertising is generally.

    For instance, I have a female acquaintance who, in her zeal to be viewed as attractive and desirable, assured her dates that she LOVED all sorts of outdoor sports.

    Fast-forward a year — they’re married now — and her husband is bemoaning the fact that he was misled.

    This sort of goal-oriented self-promotion is — like commerical advertising — solely intent on sealing the deal of commitment. Therefore, buyer’s remorse is an all too common consequence.

    Much better to be yourself. Then you can’t be accused of having dramatically “changed” once the ring is on the finger.

  2. sista Says:

    No one likes false advertising…I’m not suggesting that people sell what they are not. I’m suggesting that they sell their assets…what they currently are. At the same time…they may need to change. Tide has been adapted. McDonald’s has adapted. Madonna adapted. They are still around.

    And to your friend’s credit…she’s married. Many people fall in love with one person and end up marrying another…the reasons and circumstances vary.

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